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Enrollee Grievance Policy (PDF)

Resources for Living's comprehensive confidentiality policy is designed to protect access to member medical information. Resources for Living protects access to confidential information in the following ways:

  • Resources for Living maintains a strict policy to not sell or share any lists or identifying patient information for any purpose whatsoever.
  • Requiring Resources for Living staff, employees or visitors to sign statements concerning confidentiality, release of information and communication requirements.
  • Communicating expectations regarding confidentiality to providers via the provider manual, provider newsletter, website, and provider agreements.
  • Monitoring provider adherence to confidentiality policies and procedures during site visits, quality reviews and routine contact.
  • Monitoring member feedback on policy adherence through the complaint process, member satisfaction results and internal quality audits.
  • Compliance with all applicable state and federal laws pertaining to confidentiality and the security of any identifying patient information.

In addition, Resources for Living providers are required to:

  • Utilize Release of Information and consent for treatment forms that comply with applicable state and federal laws and client-specific requirements such as EAP workplace releases.
  • Establish office procedures that safeguard communication with members (i.e.- telephone and cell phone use, access to appointment books or computers etc.).
  • Inform and/or make available the Resources for Living Member's Rights and Responsibility Statement, Grievance Process as well as how to request a copy of Resources for Living's Confidentiality Policy.
  • Participate in and comply with Resources for Living's quality review, site visit process and contract obligations.